Positional Breakdown: Quarterback (QB)

Just like SpongeBob feeding an anchovy swarm, quarterbacks must always be ready for the rush!


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QBs are normally the leaders on the offensive side of the ball, ‘running’ the offense by calling plays and examining the defense for weaknesses the offense can exploit.

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At the start of a play, the offensive line’s center ‘snaps’ the ball to the quarterback.

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The QB can then pass the ball to a receiver, hand it off or pitch it to a running back, or run the ball themselves.

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QBs must be quick thinkers, as they have to make many split-second decisions on each play.

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They must be able to see and understand how the defense is lined up, know where their receivers will be running, how their offensive line will be blocking, and determine the best course of action for each play.

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