Legend Of Korra: "Korra & Mako"

Korra and Mako romance has more twists and turns than a Pro-Bending championship.


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Mako was too grumpy to make much of a first impression on Korra.


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His second impression wasn't much better.


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With Mako showing little interest, Korra began spending time with his brother.


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She wasn't exactly flirty...


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But Bolin fell head over heels in love anyway.


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Meanwhile, Mako was busy getting swept up in a love of his own.


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And Asami fell right along with him.


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Eventually Korra had to admit that she was jealous of Asami.


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But when it started affecting her pro-bending career, she confronted Mako.


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A surprise kiss sent Mako over the edge.


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But it also broke poor Bolin's heart.


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But there was too much trouble in Republic City to bother with broken hearts, and soon Korra and Mako were inseparable.


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Korra and Mako watch as Amon runs from them in fear.


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After all this time, Mako finally says it. "I love you."


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At first Korra turns him down, distraught over losing her bending.


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But Mako persists and Korra just can't resist.