Legend Of Korra: "Pro-Bending"

If you think wrestling and MMA are intense, wait until you check out your first Pro-Bending match!


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Republic City's riverside pro-bending arena sparkles like a palace.


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The ring announcer shouts out the beginning of each match.


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Each co-ed team has its own unique uniforms, with personalities to match.


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The pro-bending arena features 21 clay discs for earth benders and troughs of water for water benders. Don't fall off the edge! It's a long way down.


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The game intensifies quickly with in-your-face attacks.


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Pro-bending combines strength, smarts and sometimes acrobatics with bending expertise.


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Head shots are only allowed for water benders, so pay close attention or you're gonna get splashed!


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Although she can bend all elements, Korra sticks strictly to water in the pro-bending arena.


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Bolin may not yet have the starpower his brother Mako does, but he is one talented earth bender.


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Mako defends himself against simultaneous earth and water attacks with a flurry of fire.


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The pro-bending arena may be the only place where people fight water with fire.


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You do not want to mess with Korra.


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Tahno sends out a battle blob.


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Bolin shuts the water bender down with an improvised earth shield.


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If you can't think on your feet, you land on your face in the pool below the playing field.