Legend of Korra: Best Moments of Book 1

From the second she first demonstrated her bending abilities, Avatar Korra showed everyone how special she was. Even through near defeat, she continued to fight to defend Republic City from the Equalist movement alongside her friends. Ready to replay all these epic moments? Get the re-cap with these awesome snaps from Book 1!

Equalist Leader

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Book 1 was filled with tons of epic moments, and we're recounting them all! Remember Amon, leader of the Equalists? He proved that no bender is safe!

New Friends

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Korra visits the pro-bending arena and joins Bolin and Mako in their “Fire Ferrets” team!

Power Removal

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After Bolin is abducted, Korra, Mako and Bolin witness Amon’s ability to strip benders of their powers!

Love Alert

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Mako starts a new relationship with Asami. Does anyone else sense Korra’s jealousy?

Lying Father

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When it is revealed that Hiroshi Sato is part of the Equalist movement, Asami sides with the benders rather than her own father.

Blood Bender

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Tarrlok and Korra fight, and just before she defeats him, he kidnaps her and reveals that he is able to bloodbend!


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Korra is able to escape from Tarrlok and runs to find her friends before the Equalists can catch her.

Animal Love

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Even though Korra’s polar bear dog, Naga and Bolin’s fire ferret, Pabu, don’t have bending powers, they always try to help out their human pals!

Fleet Attacked

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General Iroh sends ships to Republic City to try and help the citizens, but Amon sends out his forces and attacks the entire fleet.

Secret Brothers

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Korra and Mako discover a helpless Tarrlok, and he divulges that Amon, his brother, also has the power to bloodbend!

Korra's Powerless

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Amon overpowers Mako and Korra, and he uses his powers to strip Korra of her bending.

Airbending Unlocked!

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Just when she thinks all is lost, Korra discovers her airbending abilities and saves Mako!

Amon Defeated

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Amon flees after Republic City sees that he is a bender, but Tarrlok blows up their boat so he cannot escape.

Bending Return

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When Korra hits her lowest point, she finally opens herself up to her spiritual side, allowing Aang to restore her powers.

True Feelings

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After gaining back her bending abilities, Korra admits to Mako that she loves him too!

Peace At Last

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Peace is restored in Republic City, but is this just the calm before the storm…?