TMNT: Donnie's Inventions

Donatello is definitely the brainiest of TMNT, so he's always coming up with new and interesting gadgets to help out his bros. Check out these awesome pics of some of his best inventions!


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Donnie's digital lockpick is only one of many awesome inventions. With this in hand, there's no area that's off limits!


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This turtle loves technology so much, he drools at the thought of new gadgets and gizmos!


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There's only one thing in this world that Donnie loves more than April: making flowcharts.


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Despite being super techy, Donnie still wields a simple weapon, his wooden Bo staff. That's why he created this macho metal monster to fight for him!


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It may look like just your average egg, but it's so much more. This ninja smoke bomb makes ex-egg-cuting moves as easy as one, two, poof!


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This ninja mobile is great for patrolling NYC's streets at night. Plus, it's an excuse to ride go-karts!


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This little gadget may look like its just meant for fun and games, but it's actually designed to locate lost mutagen!


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The tPhone is the hottest phone in the sewers right now, everybody has one! It's also the only phone in the sewers right now...


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Wanna listen to the latest and greatest turtle tunes? Get yourself one of Donnie's tPods!


10 / 10

This t-rocket was desgined to take Donnie and his bros higher than they'd ever been before. Which is pretty easy, when you live underground.