Positional Breakdown: Cornerbacks (CB)

Look out, pass-catchers - cornerbacks are just like Mary Gaperman and Trent Overunder: all about coverage.


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Teams usually use at least 2 Cornerbacks (or ‘Corners’) on each play – one on each side of the field, most often defending two of the offense’s wide receivers.

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Cornerbacks must cover the receivers on passing plays and try to either knock the ball down so the receiver can’t catch it, or intercept the ball and take it away from the offense entirely.

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They must also be able to tackle running backs on run plays that come to their side of the field.

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Cornerbacks tend to be very fast, very quick, and very instinctive. They have to be able to cover a lot of ground, and must also be able to follow wide receivers as they run their routes.

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