Seek the truth, follow the secrets, and embrace your true monster heart!

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Clawdeen Wolf played by Mila Harris, Frankie Stein played by Ceci Balagot, and Draculaura played by Nayah Damasen.

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About Monster High The Movie

Clawdeen Wolf was born half-human, half-werewolf, but has always had to hide her wolf-side… until now. She’s off to Monster High where she hopes to truly be herself. One problem: her human side keeps showing up, which is a big problem considering Monster High’s “Monsters Only” policy. Her teacher, Mr. Komos, tells of a secret lab, and a special potion, that could help her get rid of her human half once and for all. In order to save herself - and the entire school - Clawdeen must embrace her true monster heart!