Jerry Vs. A Seagull

First jobs are always, err, memorable. Just ask Jerry Trainor! This Wendell and Vinnie celeb hasn't always lived the Hollywood life of glitz and glam. In fact, his first-ever summer job had its fare share of hazards. Sure, Jerry's used to putting out fires and cleaning up after catastrophes (that he often creates himself). But this work place mishap came from above!

Jerry told Conan that his first job ever was working as a churro vendor, wondering through stands of fans! But when a certain winged customer refused to pay, Jerry found himself in a bit of a pickle. "The worst time ever, I once got to the top of the steps of the stadium... and the sun kind of got blacked out for a moment and I turned and looked and there was a seagull coming at me and I screamed," he said. Ahhh! Run Jerry, run!!

But what happened next?! "It gripped on to the churro," Jerry continued. "And I started screaming more...and I went to the ground, I fell with the box but I kept half my churro. It was horrible!"

Well, at least we know Jerry survived this feathered fiasco, but it's probably a good thing Jerry found his calling with acting. Hungry seagulls are no joke! Plus, they can poop on you...