🎶Bubble Blowing 🎶

It's no doubt that SpongeBob is the bubble-blowing king of Bikini Bottom. How does he do what he does? Let's break down his style, shapes, and most importantly: dance moves.
  • Go Like This

    Spongebob balances on one leg as he holds his bubble wand

    Balance is key!

  • Spin Around

    Spongebob spins

    Don’t get dizzy.

  • Stop

    Spongebob with both palms pushed forward

    Don't move.

  • Double Take Three Times

    Spongebob looks up and to the right

    What was that? What was that? What was that?

  • Pelvic Thrust

    Spongebob flies off to the right of the screen

    Might be a good time for a bubble cry: “Wooooooooooo!”

  • Step On Your Right Foot

    Spongebob points to his right foot in front of him

    Don’t forget it!

  • Bring It Around Town

    Spongebob leaning to the right with his legs extended long

    Moooove those hips from left to right!

  • Then You Do This

    Spongebob bouncing on his back in the air with his arms and legs squeezed into his body

    Bounce once!

  • Then This

    Spongebob bounces higher in the air

    Bounce twice!

  • And This

    Spongebob morphed into a doughnut shape

    Channel your inner donut.

  • Then That

    Spongebob morphed into a squiggle or "z" shape

    Squiggle time.

  • Then This Then That

    Spongebob morphed into an equilateral triangle shape

    Triangle shapes are powerful, and equilateral triangles are the strongest of all.

  • And This

    Spongebob morphed into a knot shape

    Tie yourself into a knot, any not will do.

  • Then That

    Spongebob morphed into a flat rectangle shape

    Be flat, like a Krabby Patty on the grill.

  • Then This

    Spongebob with one big cyclops eye, standing with his left hand on his hip

    Enter your cyclops era.

  • And Then…

    Spongebob blowing three duck shaped bubbles from his bubble wand

    Exhale ever-so-gently and voila: three perfect duck bubbles!