TEST - Monster High Yearbook Superlatives

Who's most likely to avoid looking in the mirror? Who has the best fashion sense? Monster High presents: Yearbook Superlatives!

Just like every other high school, Monster High also has yearbook student superlatives! Here’s what each of our crew are most (or least) likely to be.

  • Most Likely to Change the Monster World: Clawdeen

    Clawdeen’s bright, bubbly, and hardworking personality makes her the best candidate to spice things up in the human and in the monster world!

  • Youngest at Hart - Frankie

    Don’t mistake Frankie’s innocence for naivety, she was actually only born a few days ago!

  • Most Likely To Outlive You: Draculaura

    Draculaura’s got 1500 years under her belt, how many do you have?

  • Best Hair: Deuce Gorgon

    Does your hair turn all your enemies into statues while having the freshest style on campus? Deuce’s does.