An ex-raincloud, a shipwrecked sea-postman and a magic walrus team up to become the Middlemost Post - the wackiest and most loveable postal service on Mt. Middlemost.

About Middlemost Post

After an endearingly naïve “reformed” raincloud—Parker J. Cloud—decides to brighten days rather than rain on them, the little nimbus sets out to find a new home on the tallest, wackiest, most diverse mountain in the world - Mt. Middlemost. There, the cloud gets hired by rougharound-the-edges sea postman, Angus R. Shackleton III, who’s been mysteriously shipwrecked on the mountain’s peak with his trusty Russell (a magical walrus whose tummy acts as a “storage warehouse”). Together, They are The Middlemost Post! On the team’s mail route, we also see some of the mountain’s eclectic citizens, like Ms. Pam—the owner of the popular Middlemost Toast restaurant, Lily—proprietor of an “old-timey electronics store” known as The Somewhere Store, and the dubious Mayor of Somewhere—Mayor Peeve—who desperately wants to take down the Middlemost Post with the aid of his adorable assistant, Ryan. All the while, Parker tries to fulfill the mission of brightening everyone’s days, but especially the days of Angus and Russell.